About the Michael Feger Paralysis Foundation

The Michael Feger Paralysis Foundation provides assistance and educational materials to people effected by spinal cord injury and disease. Michael Feger Paralysis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. More Information

Our Mission Statement

To raise awareness about spinal cord injury and disease through education. Provide assistance to people who have a spinal cord injury or disease. Help them move forward in a life of independence, health and personal fulfillment.

About Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

SCI can occur from either trauma or disease to the vertebral column or the spinal cord itself. Most spinal cord injuries are the result of trauma to the vertebral column. These injuries can affect the spinal cord's ability to send and receive messages from the brain to the body systems that control sensory, motor, and autonomic function below the level of injury.

Depending on the location and severity of the injury, the body can be affected in a myriad of ways. Typically, the nerves above the injury site continue to function as they always have and the nerves below the site do not.

According to a study initiated by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, there are nearly 1 in 50 people living with paralysis, approximately 6 million people. That's the same number of people as the combined populations of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. And that number is nearly 40 percent higher than previous estimates showed.